Curious. Creative. Coder.

That’s me, Dominik :)

I like to learn & understand more about the world we live in. While coming up with cool ideas & designing beautiful things. And bringing them to life with fancy symbols.

That’s me in 10 seconds. If that peaked your interest, you can find the extended edition of my personal profile over at /about.

B&W picture of me looking at Lyon.
Lyon, FR

Where to reach me

Wanna share an idea, show me your project, talk about everything under the sun or just say hi? You can reach me on Mastodon or via email.

Looking forward to your message, I reply to all of them ✌️

What I do

I craft things with code and try to create more analog stuff. A more accurate description of my current endeavours is listed over at /now.

Here’s a recent project I am proud of:

Bloq Labs

Webflow site for the agency I work at.

Bloq Labs
Webflow Development

You can find a list of my past creative projects over on /about/projects.

And since touching grass is also important from time to time, I’m an avid runner as well.

What you can do on this website

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