Where do I put this thing I want to write down?

February 27th, 2024
· 2 min read ·

This is a question I would always ask myself in the past. And I know it sounds stupid, but hear me out.

When I’m using a proper journal, I’m always debating on whether the thing I intend to write down is actually essential enough to put it there.

And when I don’t have one, just writing something on a loose piece of paper feels wrong somehow (“What if I lose it when it becomes important later?”).

Luckily, I found a solution for this “problem” that is simple and works great for me:

I have a small little spiral ring notebook, that always sits on my desk.

It is the place for “messy” thoughts, and I will throw it away if it’s full. That last part is key. It gives my inner perfectionist peace of mind, when I simply want to jot something down. Plus, I can easily tear out a sheet if I need to give it to someone or pin it to the wall.

Saving the split second thought of “where do I put this thing I want to write down?” is what enables me to stay in my flow. Which is great.

And on a meta-level, this is precisely the reason for this fleeting notes section on my website where you’re reading this text right now. This is my place for those “where do I put this not-yet-fleshed-out thought of mine that I want to publish regardless?”.

A mouthful of a question, so I’m glad for every time I don’t have to ask myself.

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