Running in the rain

May 7th, 2024
· 2 min read ·

Yesterday, I rated a run on my Garmin with a 5/5 feeling (“very strong”) for the first time in a long time. And all this even when it rained. Or because it rained because it felt great.

This thought came about two thirds into my run: “I love running in summer rain!”. This song was playing at that moment, the pace was steady and pretty high for a foundation run, and everything felt great.

Just before starting the run, I really had to convince myself that it would be a good idea to go. Because my weather app told me, that it wouldn’t be. But since it only rained very lightly, I just went anyway and simply trusted that this wouldn’t turn into a full-on downpour. Which it – spoiler-alert – didn’t. Lucky me :)

Light summer rain means everything is calmer, fewer people are on the streets, things feel easier. It brings me more into the moment, I truly appreciate being able to run right at that moment (try doing that with 35 °C outside and the sun burning) and just the next step matters. The pace isn’t relevant anymore (although it often rises since the run feels easier) and I just run how I feel.

It’s like this never-ending cycle of happiness and good vibes, just because there is water dripping from the sky.

If your next run happens to also be a rainy one, and you contemplate skipping it – don’t. Just go out and enjoy it. You won’t regret it – promise!

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