I want more coziness in my life

March 10th, 2024
· 2 min read ·

As I type these lines, it is 8pm and dark outside. The rain is dripping on my skylight and I’m sitting here in front of my MacBook. A warm tea is standing by my side and a chill Spotify playlist playing in the background.

I want more moments like this in my life. Moments that feel cozy and where I don’t feel any pressure at all to do something. I can just go with the flow, dig into internet rabbit holes, talk to someone about anything that comes to mind or read a good book. The moment is not confined by a time where I have to stop doing what I’m doing. I just stop when I want to.

I’ve noticed that my everyday life often feels time-boxed. In 20 minutes I have to do X, in 1 hour my alarm clock goes off, by 10pm I need to be in bed so I get my 8 hours of sleep (which is important, don’t get me wrong.).

But on the other hand, I also observed that the moments where I feel the happiest, are the ones where I don’t have this sense of urgency and “rushing” things. Thus, I want to embrace and integrate them more frequently in my life.

For instance, I want to finally pick up playing the piano. I bought one during the pandemic but never got into learning it. Because I always felt there was something better to do. But that’s the problem. Sometimes you have to do things simply because you like doing them, not because there is a clear goal attached.

I’m an adult now, but rediscovering the childlike ability of enjoying the moment without thinking about the future feels great.

Here’s to more cozy moments where I can read a good book, discover and listen to a new song, make my own music, draw something or just do nothing.

Because that’s also ok.

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