On: Beef

February 28th, 2024
· 1 min read ·

I finally finished watching Beef on Netflix yesterday. And wow, what a great show!

But the weird thing was, that I couldn’t really pinpoint, what exactly I found great about it.

Sure, from a cinematography standpoint, it’s made brilliantly. The actors were great as well, just as the music selection (especially the montage at the end of episode 7 felt really emotional).

But what I’ve come to think is that the real reason this show was a great watch, was its rawness. It felt like a snapshot into the life of the characters. Their struggles, wishes, and desires. And the writing was so great, that each character was almost equally like-/hateable (with a few exceptions maybe).

At its core, it’s an everyday story told in a very compelling and relatable way. Partly also because it’s inspired by the show runner’s (Lee Sung Jin) personal life.

I want to watch and read more such stories in the future. A breath of fresh air between all the blockbuster movies I normally go watch at the cinema. Do you have any recommendations that have a similar vibe?

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